We can help you find sales assistant jobs in Birmingham

Finding work these days certainly isn't an easy task, especially now that so many people are currently finding themselves out of work and in the unemployment line. Due to the United Kingdom's struggles to get over the global economic crisis of 2008 and the increased fears that we might be looking at another financial downturn it seems that there are few companies willing to go out on a limb and hire staff in the large numbers we saw before the recession struck.

This means that vacancies are really at a premium, and you're going to need to do everything you can in order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding sales assistant jobs in Birmingham. Fortunately we can give you a hand with this guide.

When looking for retail work we recommend that you avoid using the various job sites online and instead take the more personal approach. Print out copies of your CV and head out to the major retail sectors within the Birmingham area in order to put yourself out there and meet your potential employers. Not only will this give you the chance to put a face to the name, but you'll also be able to impress your personality upon potential future employers.

The majority of sales assistant jobs in Birmingham pay £5.93 per hour, regardless of the level of experience you have, but this tends to be the entry level wage. Once you have been in your job for a year or so, it's very likely that your wage will increase.

To give you a head start on the competition, we recommend you check out the stores found in the Bullring Shopping Centre, the Pallasades Shopping Centre and the Fort Shopping Park at Fort Parkway.


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