Can you trust assembly work from home jobs UK?

If you are thinking about assembly work from home in the UK, we urge to be very cautious. While it might seem like a great way to earn extra cash from the comfort of your own home, all too often these assembly jobs turn out to be scams. One of the best ways to separate scams from genuine work from home jobs is to ignore any vacancies that ask for an upfront fee. This fee may be disguised in a number of ways: it may be that you are asked for a joining or sign up fee, or you may be asked to purchase a starter pack or the component parts. It may even be disguised as a delivery fee (which will be far more than you would actually pay for postage). Whatever way this fee is described, make sure that you don't part with any money - a real job will pay you.

Assembly jobs from home often cover a range of industries, but the products are usually simple ones to encourage as many people as possible to sign up. You might be told that you'll be putting laces in shoes, or gluing two parts of a toy together. You will be told that once your products are complete, the company will purchase them back off you and you will make a tidy profit.

However this is rarely the case. The scammer will invariably find some reason to reject your product, leaving you out of pocket and with a surplus of items that you can't sell.

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