ASDA and Wal Mart job vacancies in the UK

As is the case with most major companies in the modern world, there is a designated website which deals exclusively with all of the currently available ASDA and Wall Mart job vacancies in the United Kingdom.

This website, located at asda.jobs, is designed to be the centre of all of your ASDA related career moves, featuring sections devoted not only to job searching and applying, but also to career hints, extensive job descriptions and general guidance.

The website deals with careers not only in ASDA stores but also in the numerous ASDA Pharmacies around the country, and the ASDA central office in Leeds - the latter of which can involve roles which one might not immediately associate with a supermarket, regularly advertising opportunities as, for example, solicitors and surveyors.

After reading the various job descriptions, and the rewards and benefits associated with working at ASDA (which include a big discount from the ASDA shopping and flexible working hours), you'll be ready to search for the market for current ASDA and Wal Mart job vacancies.

You can start the searching process by clicking "How do I apply?", and then "Apply now", which will open a search engine in a new window. Should you find a vacancy which suits your requirements, you'll be directed through and online application form, which will then be assessed by the ASDA recruitment team.

If your online application is judged to be successful, you'll be invited to a group selection event for most roles - which you're advised to attend in casual dress - where you'll get a chance to visit the store and try your hand at the work, getting a feel for the kind of job you'll be doing if successful.

The careers site for ASDA and Wal Mart lists graduate job vacancies and opportunities as well as more conventional employment routes.

There are graduate recruitment and training schemes working in a variety of sectors for ASDA, including Retail Management, Distribution, Trading, Finance, IT Solutions Management, Marketing and E-commerce - most of which offer a very competitive starting salary of £23,000 per year

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