Asda Security Guards and Loss Prevention Jobs

As well as providing security guards vacancies, Asda hosts a "security and loss prevention" department; Asda security jobs are all included in this department, but many roles vary and are not always straight forward security guard positions.

The Department of Loss of Preventions has three teams, Corporate Security, Total Loss Team and the Corporate Travel Scheme. Whilst some Asda security jobs do deal with crime prevention some also deal with looking into current security issues (and improving general security), criminal investigations, product tagging or identifying potential business risks.


Total Loss Team Positions

Members of the Total Loss Team work across the whole business to identify potential security risks in stores or with products and developing solutions for these security risks. This position may be at Asda's head office (or another office) or within the retail department itself.


Corporate Travel Team Jobs

The Coporate Travel Team deals with organising travel bookings for the entire business at the lowest possible cost and carrying out any risk assets where necessary. They book all kinds of travel and accommodation and ensure that the business financially loses as much as possible.


Asda Corporate Security Jobs

Corporate Security ranges from security on office buildings and guard positions outside relevant stores. Some positions also include investigating criminal activities within Asda, as well as installing CCTV and overseeing/performing the security tagging of certain products.


Applying for Asda Security Jobs

You can only apply for Asda security jobs through their website. You'll have to fill in an application and upload your CV; all job vacancies will appear on the website and detail the salary, hours and qualification needed for the position. You can sign up at http://www.asda.jobs

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