A guide to ASDA's shop floor recruitment

Like most major companies, ASDA has a designated recruitment website which lists all of its currently available vacancies, and includes guides to the kinds of roles and benefits you can expect while working at ASDA. You can find this website at asda.jobs.

Why work at ASDA?

Working at ASDA, you will be rewarded with lots of great benefits and useful training possibilities.

After 12 weeks of service, all employees are given a discount for all purchases within ASDA stores around the United Kingdom and WalMart stores around the world. Employees are also regularly rewarded with bonuses, and there's a great flexibility system regarding your work time - very useful if you need to take some time off at short notice.

There are also potential openings for all shop floor workers to train towards becoming Department Managers, and possibly Store Managers, on ASDA's seven step training scheme.

Recruitment Process

You can search for shop floor ASDA recruitment openings by visiting the asda.jobs/hourly page and clicking on "Apply now". If you find a role that suits your needs, you'll need to complete an online application form.

This involves registering an account with the ASDA recruitment website, which allows you to complete your application piece by piece instead of being tied down to writing the entire form in one sitting.

Nonetheless, the form will only take about 30 minutes to complete, and will include questions about your National Insurance Number, the contact details of two references, and information about your driving licence if you're applying for a driving role.

The applications will then be filtered, and the applicants who have reached the necessary standard will be invited to a "group selection event" in which you'll get a chance to try your hand at your potential future job, meet the customers, and get a feel for how working life runs at ASDA.


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