Asda part time jobs available nationwide

Like most large supermarkets, there is much more to Asda than the day-to-day activities visible in its stores. A business of this scale requires a considerable amount of staff, working at all levels of the management and service structure. Therefore there are a number of different Asda part and full time jobs available, to candidates with or without training.

The range of employment opportunities available at Asda is truly staggering. The available positions are divided into three main categories - Asda House, Asda Pharmacy and Stores. Each of these departments has positions available at all levels of the management and customer service structure.

Many of the Asda part time jobs are available in the Stores department. As the Asda website itself states, the supermarkets tend to be busiest during the weekends. Therefore many part time jobs in Stores will involve weekend work. Most of the available positions are in customer service, working in one of the 400 Asda stores in the United Kingdom.

Some of the available roles with Asda are for bakery staff. These jobs require to staff to bake fresh bread and other bakery items, as well as to serve customers who come to the bakery counter. Training will be provided to successful applicants for this position. Other Asda part and full time jobs include security roles. Staff who are hired as security guards must patrol the grounds of the store and the supermarket itself, looking out for shoplifters, vandals and any signs of disruption. Ongoing training is provided for holders of these positions.

Most of the positions within Asda stores are available on a part time basis. If you are interested in Asda part time jobs, you can find detailed information and job listings on the dedicated site for positions that are paid on an hourly basis, at asda.jobs/hourly.

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