Asda jobs in Birmingham

Asda, Britain’s lowest priced supermarket, employs over 200,000 workers across its 400 stores. If you are looking for Asda jobs in Birmingham, you might want to consider the giant retailer and check if their pool of vacancies is a right fit. Let us take a look at the possibilities.

Type of careers

Asda has 10 stores in Birmingham. Another store is expected to open in Birmingham Barnes Hill on October 14, 2013.

  • Current openings

Vacancies are published on the website, asda.jobs, through newspapers, flyers and local announcements. At present, there are several positions available in Birmingham such as Cash Office Colleague, Personal Delivery Drive (Home Shopping), Baker, Pharmacist, and George Colleague. However, these jobs go fast so it is best to keep an eye on their website or submit an unsolicited application.

  • Possible Asda jobs in Birmingham

* General Store Manager

You can work for a large or a small store. The GSMs are in charge of running the stores and supervising sometimes up to 1,000 staff members. Note that most Asda stores are open 24/7.

* Trading Managers

The trading manager manages and leads the team of department managers. He/she will also serve as the deputy GSM.

* Department Managers

Department managers lead their sections and teams in the store ensuring that clients have an outstanding shopping experience with Asda. Hence, you can serve as a night, home shopping, general merchandise, security, bakery, warehouse or George (clothing) manager.

* Shift Leaders and Section Leaders

These positions are meant for smaller stores of Asda. They are hourly paid positions which are ideal for those looking for a part-time job. Shift leaders are part of the Duty Management Team while Section Leaders ensure product availability, quality, and good customer service.

  • Career growth

Asda also offers Section and Shift Leaders and Department Managers to work for a Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma in Retail Management which is an 18-month programme.

Supporting the youth and entry positions

Finally, young students from 14 to 16 years can also find Asda jobs in Birmingham. Asda is committed to providing a venue for students to make their work experience with the company. The application process can be done online and after successful completion, the trainee will receive a City & Guilds Accreditation Certificate. Work placements for new graduates are available as well for those seeking entry level positions.

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