Start a career in retail with an Asda House job

An Asda job isn't all about checking the sell-by dates on the frozen peas, or marking down the chicken wings for quick sale. At Asda House, the head office in Leeds, it's possible to pursue a number of different career paths.

Check the Asda website at asda.jobs for details of the opportunities on offer at Asda House Home Office. As one of the world's largest retailers, Asda can offer grounding and advancement in key management and business skills.

You can decide what role you want to play in the Asda operation and check on the website to see if there are openings for trainees or for managerial candidates. Basically, opportunities are divided into trading and non-trading positions.

Trading careers at Asda cover a variety of areas, including Buying, Supply Analysis, Merchandising and Retail Technology. You can learn how Asda trading teams negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers to get the goods onto the shop floors.

Asda trading jobs are divided by area. Food teams are subdivided into staff members responsible for frozen foods, local sourcing, bakery and fresh food among others. General Merchandise teams deal with products like CDS, DVDs, games, magazines, health and beauty products, electronics, home wares and toys.

Non-trading roles at Asda can involve customer services, IT, finance, retail development and human resources. Your skills and experience might already equip you for some specific positions, but you shouldn't assume that Asda operates like any other business. It has its own ethos and management culture, and it's worth doing a little research into the Asda job specifications before making your application.


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