We look at what you can expect from ASDA in London vacancies

For many people ASDA is simply a supermarket where they can go to buy their groceries, and occasionally electronic goods, at a great price. Very few people tend to give the company much more thought than that, despite the fact that it has grown to become a real British institution in the last few decades.

With so much choice available in store, it's perhaps not surprising to learn that you'll be similarly spoiled for choice when it comes to ASDA in London vacancies. By keeping an eye on the company's official careers website at asda.jobs, you'll be able to stay up to date with all the latest vacancies available across each of the chain's London stores.

While many people think of cashiers and floor operatives when they think about jobs with ASDA, the truth is that there's far more to it than that. No company gets to the size of ASDA without having an excellent behind the scenes set up full of only the most qualified people.

If you are interested in putting your degree to some good use, there are plenty of exciting positions available with ASDA for graduates. These roles can range from advertising to marketing, information technology to logistics, accountancy to trading and much, much more, and the wages on offer are highly competitive.

If you think that these kinds of positions might suit you a little better than the traditional store side roles, you can check out ASDA's site specifically for graduates at asdagraduates.com for more information today.


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