ASDA in Glasgow: new employment opportunity

In 2011 ASDA announced it the opening of 168 new stores across the UK, including Glasgow and other areas of Scotland. These new ASDA stores in Glasgow offer employment opportunity to over 100 applicants in each store. ASDA recently acquired 147 Netto stores which it plans to convert to its own supermarket brand, giving ASDA the largest growth in retail history.

Each time a new store opens with any supermarket jobs are advertised prior to the completion of the store. Most supermarkets have special sections of their website advertising these new vacancies and detailing the date of completion for the store, so you don't have to wait for the doors to open to apply. With an average of 100 jobs per new store, you're bound to find something in Glasgow.

The 2011 expansion expects over 1,500 new jobs to become available after the retail expansion. If you're particularly interested in working for ASDA and want to get your foot in the door before development starts, look for Netto stores in your area that are having a closing down sale of any sort. It may be another few months before this happens but the closing down a Netto store is a sure indication it has been purchased by ASDA.

Currently, ASDA has revealed only three new location for their stores which are not in Scotland, but there may be plans to expand in the area. To keep yourself updated to new store locations and existing job opportunities for ASDA in Glasgow you'll have to log onto the ASDA careers website and create a profile to apply for jobs. You can find all current vacancies and upcoming store openings for Glasgow at: asda.jobs.


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