Getting a job in Asda Belfast

If you live in Northern Ireland and are looking for a job in Asda, Belfast has several stores to consider. In fact, there are three Asda stores in County Antrim alone. As with most supermarkets, Asda's staff turnover rate is particularly high, increasing your chances of finding an available job vacancy at one of these stores.

Belfast has the following Asda supermarkets that you can try contacting: One at 219 Shore Road, BT15 3PR (telephone 028 9037 0889); one at Kennedy Way, BT11 9BQ (telephone 028 9060 3644); and an Asda Living store at 100-150 York Street, BT15 1WA (telephone 028 9035 7770).

When applying for a job at Asda, your best bet is to call the closest branch to where you live and ask a member of the personnel department if there are any available positions. If so, ask them politely if they can send you an application form. If you are told that there are no available jobs, ask if you can be sent an application pack anyway; that way they can contact you if a position later becomes available.

Once you receive your application form and begin filling it out, note that honesty is your best bet. However, do emphasise that, more than anything else, you will work hard and your priority is to find a stable, long-term role. After all, they will likely be more willing to bring you on board if they know that you do not plan on leaving on the first job offer that comes your way.

Once invited to an interview, try to find an apt moment to explain the importance of service with a smile, punctuality and, if you are applying for a shelf replenishment position, let them know that you would correctly rotate foods by date order.

In reality, you will need little in the way of prior experience when looking for a job in Asda. Belfast is no exception, and by ensuring that you articulate yourself as someone who wants a job, will work hard, and knows the importance of excellent customer service, then you increase your chances of securing a job.

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