Find armed security jobs on ships

Maritime security is a very large international industry. While pirate attacks on vessels around the globe are only rarely mentioned in mainstream news reports, the danger of such attacks is a serious concern for the owners and crew of large seagoing vessels. There are therefore a number of armed security jobs available on ships, both private and commercial.

Maritime security jobs can vary depending on the exact role in question. In fact the area of maritime security also covers land-based positions, in harbours and at ports. However armed security jobs on ships generally have similar job descriptions. If the ship itself is a commercial vessel, carrying freight or some other product, it will be manned by essential crew members and security personnel. In the event of an incident, it is the job of the armed security guards to protect the crew, the vessel, and its cargo against all threats.

When working aboard a passenger carrying vessel, the duties of armed security officers are essentially the same. As there is no cargo to protect here however, the only concern of the security personnel is to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. Security officers may be retained to work aboard cruise ships, or on private yachts.

If you wish to apply for armed security jobs on ships you should look into maritime security agencies. Many of these companies employ highly qualified applicants only. They are generally looking for individuals who have maritime experience, especially in order to work as security consultants. Many of these agencies are primarily looking for ex-military or special forces personnel, who have the requisite military training for these roles. Job listings for these positions can be found at maritimesecurityjobs.com.

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