Armani exchange jobs

While it is true that working in retail can offer a diverse range of opportunities, more specialised positions require a degree of dedication on the part of applicants. Armani Exchange jobs represent a terrific opportunity to work with a fantastic, world-renowned range of designer attire. But the firm will only expect to employ suitably-qualified individuals.

How to get into Armani employment

Armani Exchange jobs are especially suitable to younger job-seekers who already have a strong interest in fashion, particularly chic, urban attire. The label itself is an offshoot of Armani that was launched in 1991 in America in order to cater for both fashion items and lifestyle products. It quickly gained a name for itself due to the provocative nature of some of its advertising campaigns.

One of the main reasons behind Armani Exchange was that its parent label, Armani, was seen as fairly exclusive, and was often identified with the more affluent - and older and professional - milieu of society.

So if you are interested in working with Armani Exchange, you should expect to be grilled at interview about your interest in street-chic and dance music culture, two of the areas deliberately targeted by the fresh brand.

Where is Armani Exchange stocked?

The outlet has openings in over 260 stores across the globe, currently operating in over 30 countries, not to mention its online presence.

Types of opening

  • - RetailArmani Exchange are constantly on the lookout for self-motivated and enthusiastic staff to train to managerial level. You must be able to demonstrate leadership skills, and deal with the stress surrounding a sales-driven position. You must be a natural motivator.
  • - Technical developmentArmani Exchange are always looking to employ suitably experienced technical staff to work on their brand promotion, much of which is done through their website.
  • - AccountingAs an outfit that generates high sales volumes, while you might not relish working on a busy shop floor, there will be opportunities to help balance the books behind the scenes.

Where to search for Armani jobs

By far the best place to look for Armani Exchange jobs is to check out their official website at armaniexchange.com. This lists all the areas where they are currently recruiting, and gives you the opportunity to apply online. Other specialist careers websites are worth a look, such as jobrapido.com, indeed.co.uk and reed.co.uk.

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