Looking for work in the UK? Try Argos in London

Argos London is the perfect place to start your search for work. They are such a huge superstore that there is always room for more staff. They also hire multiple management positions so there is something for any skill level.

Argos is a catalogue store. This means that customers purchase from a catalogue, not from items on the shop floor. Once you have picked them the staff will bring your items from a huge warehouse to you within minutes. They pride themselves on the speed of their service.

Basically, if you are looking for a sales assistant position you will either be stocking and delivering goods in the warehouse or you will be on the tills. These are the two basic roles at Argos. They generally hire one manager, to assistant managers and a warehouse manager.

Argos generally look for just a basic skill set even when hiring management. They know that a catalogue store is different to any others but it is good to have past retail or management experience.

To see more about their product lines and how things run, check out the official argos.co.uk website. If you wish to apply for one of the many jobs at Argos a website like jobisjob.co.uk should do the trick. They have all of the listings and you can even post your CV.

Argos London is the perfect shop to try out if you are  looking for work in the London area. Check them out and see if you can get involved!


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