Are you looking for security vacancies overseas? Try these sites

Security jobs come in many different forms, from Dog Handlers to Cash Processors to Community Wardens.

The work can be very demanding and sometimes very dangerous but it is also a rewarding and credible career path.

If you are looking to find security vacancies overseas then try these sites;


Security Vacancies

Security Vacancies (securityvacancies.com) is a job board that is wholly dedicated to the fire and security industry.

They have a simple and easy to use search engine where you can search by, sector, duration, where you would like to work and keywords.

You can use the check box for overseas work to make sure that only relevant security vacancies overseas are displayed.

The site also has are a latest news section where you can see all the up to date recruitment news about the site.

If you check out their Industry services page they provide links to all the relevant industry services so you to learn more information.


Security Job Board

Security Job Board (securityjobboard.com) has a browse job by sector option where you can search via health and safety, security officers and many more.

Or if you want to keep it simple try their quick search option to search the most relevant vacancies overseas.

Their site has a great layout and is really easy to navigate.

You can register to the site and upload your CV for potential employers to view and you can sign up for email notifications for all the latest vacancies

Their latest news section also provides really useful and informative industry information to help keep you in the know!

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