Are you looking for part time work in Derby?

There are so many specialist recruitment websites available these days that finding the right one for you can prove to be a difficult choice. If you are looking for part time work in Derby, we suggest you check out jobisjob.co.uk.

Jobisjob.co.uk is one of the best websites to start your search as they search all of the UK's best agencies for the newest jobs and deliver them to you in an easy to read manner. By typing "part time" and "Derby" into their search boxes, finding part time work in Derby is made so much easier! Some of their most recent positions include:

  • A part time pub chef is required to work 12 hours per week in a busy pub in Chaddesden, Derby. You should have relevant experience for the role. You will work alone or with the head chef on weekends. £10 per hour is on offer to the successful applicant.
  • A planning assistant is required by Capita Resourcing Ltd. You must be able to demonstrate strong organisation, negotiation and communication skills. Candidates must have a grade C or higher in both English and Maths GCSE exams. The starting salary is £16,000 per year plus a 10% bonus.
  • Part time newspaper distributors are required to work for 3 hours each morning, 5 days per week. You must be familiar with the derby area and be willing to start work at 6am each morning. You will be paid £5.78 per hour.

So if you require part time work in Derby, simply check out jobisjob.co.uk!

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