Are you looking for part time jobs in Yorkshire?

Despite the fact that the media love telling us about how difficult it can be to find work these days, the retail sector is still providing an ever increasing number of positions for those of us who aren't too proud to get our hands dirty by getting stuck into one of the many minimum wage positions available within the retail industry.

When it comes to finding part time jobs in Yorkshire, the retail sector will provide your best possible opportunities thanks to the number of big name brands and franchises available in the area. You'll be able to choose from the likes of Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda on the supermarket front.

Jobs with these companies pay the expected £5.93 per hour, but they also come with the added bonus of being able to work your way through the ranks very quickly. Thanks to the mentality of promoting from within that these chains all try their very best to foster, there are plenty of higher paying positions that crop up every year. If you are performing to the best of your abilities and delivering on all fronts when it comes to job expectations then you should have no problem in being considered for any suitable positions that arise.

When starting out, you can expected to be placed within customer service or in a back room position. As a sales associate you'll be dealing with the customers every day, so it's your job to ensure that they have a pleasant shopping experience. If that's not for you, then working behind the scenes in the stock room may be a better option, although it's work remembering that this work can include quite a bit of heavy lifting, so make sure that your back is up to the task.


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