Are you looking for a job?

To kick-start your job hunt, take a look at the aptly named website, Job Search. This site provides an abundance of different job offers that are currently available all around the UK. There is a super-easy search engine on their home page: all you have to do is type in a keyword for your job, your desired location, the job type you are after e.g. full-time, part-time, contract etc. and away you go! You can also sign up to their weekly newsletter and also get job alerts via email, so you don’t miss any job opportunities!

Another excellent place to check is Total Jobs. These guys pride themselves on being the UK's most visited commercial recruitment website, and holding the number one market share position since January 2006. Not a bad CV! There are several ways you can search for a job on their website: you can use their ‘Quick Search’ which allows you to immediately check vacancies related to your keyword and preferred location; or you can simply search by location, browse job via industry or have a look at their list of companies. You can also upload your CV directly onto the site so potential employers can approach you!

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