Are you interested in finding jobs as a part time administrator in Manchester?

Despite the fact that so many people want to work in the clerical and administrative roles, you'd be surprised by the amount of people who aren't completely sure as to what exactly the work entails. Even though the vast majority of positions available these days come within the clerical sector, they can be so varied that it can be impossible to know exactly what your role will be before you start your new job.

However there are a number of things that will always remain constant; regardless of what kind of jobs as a part time administrator in Manchester you take on. For starters, you will spend the vast majority of your working day sitting in front of a computer either entering or editing spreadsheets, word documents, or e-mails. This means that you're going to have an excellent working knowledge of the Windows operating system, as well as the Microsoft Office suite of tools.

It's also going to help your case if you have a typing speed of more than 65 words per minute. While this may not seem like a lot, especially when compared to professional typists, it will certainly speed up your day-to-day jobs making you and much more attractive proposition for potential employers.

Whether or not you've got prior experience working within the clerical and administrative sector, you can expect to start off in an entry-level position earning somewhere between £6.05 and £8.20 per hour. This will increase if you have previous experience working in a managerial capacity, and also as you increase your time served with your new company.

If you want to identify these jobs without resorting to spending weeks trawling through dozens of different job sites searching for vacancies, we recommend you take a look at some of the major business parks within the Manchester area. These include Manchester science park (Kilburn house, Lloyd Street North), Cariocca Business Park (Ardwick) and Carrington business Park (Manchester Road, Carrington). Due to the high number of businesses located within these areas, they are excellent reasons for you to start off your search.


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