Are there jobs in Toronto for immigrants?

Plenty of UK citizens seem to be heading to Canada in search of a better life. Canada wasn't afflicted by the global recession to the same extent as other countries, so naturally it's gaining a reputation as a financial safe haven.

If moving to Toronto sounds right up your alley, then you're probably wondering how to get jobs there? You have a few options when it comes to your work permit. You can either start off with a one year working holiday, see if you qualify under the skilled worker programme, or else apply to become provincial nominee.

The one year IEC "Working Holiday Visa" is the easiest to acquire. All you have to do it be between the ages of 18-30 and get your application in before it closes. Applications for 2011 are still being accepted right now on the International Experience Canada website.

The Skilled Worker Programme is a little trickier, but if you fall into one of 29 different types of job, then you could qualify to stay in Canada indefinitely and work in your chosen field. You will be limited to your chosen field though, so bear this in mind.

Provincial Nominees are workers that are nominated by their present employers as somebody who can't be replaced from the current skill pool in Canada. You'll have ot have a solid relationship with your employer before they put you forward for it as it costs a few thousand dollars.

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