Interview tips for architecture work experience

Architecture work experience offer talented designers a chance to gain a foothold in the industry. Here we provide some tips about how to do interviews.

Your strengths

When interviewing for architect work experience, you’re likely to be quizzed about yourself for some time. The reasons for this are quite straightforward. Architects have to accept a tremendous amount of responsibility for instigating and driving design projects. Your employer will need to be assured about your strong communication skills and general personality, as much as your architecture qualifications.

Be prepared to discuss your strengths and weaknesses openly. (The latter might seem strange for an interview where you’re deliberately selling yourself – however, employers appreciate honesty).


Describe your most successful design projects. You may well be asked about mistakes you have made. Don’t feel obliged to skirt around this issue. Provided you can demonstrate how you learned from an error, and can stress your solutions that got you around the particular issue, this will be marked as a positive.


You will certainly be asked about your design background. What qualifications do you hold? As well as the academic certificates, the employers will grill you about your knowledge of building industry codes and standards, especially those concerning health and safety.


Expect to be questioned about specifics. What are the advantages of steel structures? Explain why the Eiffel Tower was built that way? How does fire resistance affect basic building design?

It might not all be about current issues. You employer might well quiz you about your favourite Roman building!


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