Areas for architecture internships

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, so do architecture internships. Here is a list of five types of internship you might like to consider for your placement...


Design involves a concept being brought to life by artistic rendering. This is where all buildings start, as a designer's vision which becomes a blue print, using a combination of space, client requirements and building codes. An architect's unique training allows art and science to be combined.

Project management

As well as designing, some architects develop knowledge of the construction industry. During a project's lifetime there are many decisions that need to be taken at management level. Project management architect jobs evolve through many years of experience.


Architect jobs involve a high degree of specialised knowledge. This experience is greatly sought after, so many architects open professional consultancies. This might cover many specialised areas, from public works to the restoration of the UK's historic buildings. Consulting firms then taken on their own roster of project managers, engineers and architects, particularly to help with stalled projects.

Business ownership

As architect jobs evolve, many construction firms come to be operated by architects. Small residential developments can expand into larger scale projects. The brand name home building firms advertised on TV are most often lead by an architect.


Another way in which architects can impart knowledge is by being taken on in community or career colleges, teaching architecture to technicians or drawing students. They can become university-level lecturers or even write their own books.


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