Arab Businessman Advertises for £122,300 a year Personal Tutor to Train him for Oxford

If you’re in the market for a teaching job but can’t find a placement in a local school you might be tempted by this opportunity. An unnamed Arab man in his mid-thirties is advertising for a tutor to teach him everything from English speaking to an appreciation of Shakespeare. The hours aren’t great but the money’s fantastic.

The salary that has been advertised in the Times Education Supplement (http://www.tes.co.uk/job/private-tutor-177687/#.Unvd6eYY9gh.twitter) is £122,300 a year. The advert calls for someone to teach the Arab business man how to talk like a native speaker, how to play piano and how to appreciate the arts, all in an effort to train him into a place in Oxford.

The money is pretty good, but the hours are difficult for anyone with anything approaching a life as the successful candidate has to be on hand between 8am and 11pm, but nine weeks of holiday are offered. In fact this job needs someone without any ties or perhaps someone on the run from something as the job role asks the tutor to “travel a wide range of destinations throughout Europe and the rest of the world.”

The stupid or dumb need not apply, as the tutor must be “highly intelligent, erudite, well-read, musically accomplished…and socially and culturally versatile.” According to the advert, the perfect candidate would be a former “headteacher of a renowned British private school.” Spending so long with the Arab businessman means that you’ll have to have a “gregarious personality” and he’ll only accept a teacher who’s “fit”, which could be a polite way of saying that anyone overweight won’t get the job. The employer has “now decided that he would like to invest in himself” but doesn’t specify which GCSE and A-Levels he’ll be taking.

We can’t make up our minds if this is a genuine advert or someone having a laugh. I guess the only way of finding out is to apply.

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