AQA past papers

Life can be fraught for today's generation of students. At one end of the scale there are issues about getting into the best-performing schools. At the other end, there are worries about getting those all-important grades. Acquiring decent passes in examinations has never been more important, which is why students can turn to background help such as AQA past papers.

Accessing AQA past papers

One of the worst aspects of sitting formal examinations is the fear of the unknown. An excellent way of boosting confidence is to give yourself a 'dummy run'. AQA past papers allow you to pit yourself against questions from previous examinations.

You can access these papers very easily, by going to the AQA website. The site is arranged by subject, so that you can take as many practice exams as you desire, in as many relevant subject areas. In addition, the site offers advice on professional development, as well as news and policy information on a diverse range of background matters.

The AQA site also offers the following:

Education policy

General bulletins on the exam system, and where policies are being reviewed by educational authorities.


Videos of teachers inspiring their pupils towards achieving their best potential. These contain social media buttons so that you can share your favourite clips with your peer group, encouraging one another to make the most of this resource.

Changes to examinations

A-levels and GCSE's are constantly being reviewed, so as well as cramming for your exams by downloading past papers, you can get all the gen you need about the exams themselves. All-important dates for your diary are available.

Customising AQA past papers

The AQA past papers can be downloaded as an educational resource by a variety of customers. Students can access past examination papers in order to flex their mental muscles by poring over the types of questions they will face in future Maths or Science exams (are any other subject). But teachers can also download, using a drag and drop facility, turining questions into lessons, homework, or revision exercises.

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