Apprenticeships for over 25 year olds

Nowadays people do things later in life. They get married in their 30s, they have kids around the same time and they expect to work for a lot more years than their parents so you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that apprenticeships are just for those in their latter teenage years. We single out the best apprenticeships for over 25 year olds.

Adult Apprenticeship

The fact that there are apprenticeships for those over 25 years old isn’t a happy accident. This is part of a government scheme to re-educate workers in the UK. As you’ll find out later, the government have put in place financial help which could allow you to stop the job you’re doing and take a lower wage in order to retrain. While most apprenticeships are taken up by those younger than 25 years old, there are a number of specific sectors which open apprenticeships to 25 year olds. For further information check out apprenticeships.org.uk.

Northern Ireland apprenticeships

If you live in Northern Ireland and you’re looking for an apprenticeship at the age of 25 you’re in luck as there are a number of apprenticeships specifically tailored for your age range. A quick look at nidirect.gov.uk will show you that these jobs are split into two frameworks. Level 2 frameworks include positions within Electrical Power Engineering businesses, other Engineering firms as well as financial services organisations. Apprenticeships with Pharmacy Services and Laboratory and Science Technicians positions are also available within this level. The other tier of jobs include a lot of the same industries and positions but also adds the catering industry, creative and digital media work and the IT and Telecomssectors.


If you’re aged 24 or above, you may be able to get a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to pay the fees for courses at Levels 3 and 4. These include Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships. For more information on the subject head to gov.uk/advanced-learning-loans/overview.

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