We check out the requirements to find apprenticeship hairdressing jobs

Finding work is harder than ever these days, and things certainly haven't been made any easier on those of you searching for apprenticeships in any field of work thanks to the ever increasing numbers of unemployed workers across the United Kingdom right now. While many people used to view apprenticeships as lowly paid jobs that they had no interest in, the fact that countless people have had no work for months on end means that an increasing number of people are re-evaluating their approach, and deciding that an apprenticeship in a new field may be exactly what their careers need.

When it comes to finding apprenticeship hairdressing jobs there are no hard and fast rules. It is widely known that while a formal qualification isn't technically necessary, it is encouraged that you have at least an NQV or SQV Hairdressing Level 2 qualification to show that you have at least put some of your time into the discipline before searching for work.

Apprentice hairdressers are particularly lowly paid, earning the minimum wage of just £5.93 per hour, however this initial trainee period tends only to last for a year. After that the wages begin to increase as you build experience, and before you know it you could be earning as much as £15,000 per year for your handiwork.

The art of actually finding a hairdresser or salon willing to take you on on an apprenticeship is a tricky one to nail down. With so many young people out there right now trying to get into the industry it can be tough to even find yourself in consideration for an apprentice role, but we recommend you call into all your local hair salons for a chat with the manager in a bid to impress them with your knowledge and enthusiasm for the job - that can really make all the difference.


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