Want to know about apprentice in Leinster jobs?

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It's highly recommended for school leavers to get a qualification under their belt to maximise their potential earnings in later life. Apprentice in Leinster jobs offer young people - and anyone else - the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification in their chosen trade.

The options for apprentice jobs in Leinster are immense. Some of the trades that can be mastered include brick and stone laying, plastering, plumbing, electrical, fitting and carpentry. For a full list of trades that can be completed under an apprenticeship check out the FAS website.

Minimum requirements for apprenticeships in Leinster include at least 5 pass grades in the Junior Cert or equivalent and being 16 years old or over. However, applicants who don't have this can qualify for an apprenticeship with an approved pre-apprenticeship course or, if they're 18, with 3 years work experience approved by FAS.

The vast majority of apprenticeships in Leinster take at least 4 years to complete. They consist of workplace and classroom modules that give apprentices a comprehensive knowledge of the industry they're joining.

To complete an apprenticeship you must gain employment with a FAS approved tradesman. This can be with someone you know, like a family member or neighbour, if they're willing to take you on.

The wages for apprentices rise as they progress through the various stages. Most employers pay the agreed industrial apprentice wage rate, although there can be variations from industry to industry.

On completion of the apprenticeship, you'll be awarded with the Fetac Advanced Certificate, which gives you international recognition as a crafts person.

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