Applying for a job while still employed

Applying for a job while still employed can be really tricky because you don’t want to jeopardise your current role but it’s also the most sensible way of going about job searching for a number of reasons.

Why it makes sense

You keep yourself in control of the recruitment process if you already have work. You won’t be desperate for the next pay cheque so you can be choosy. You can also remind yourself day to day why you’re looking for new work, whereas if you’ve already left your firm, you might forget why you felt the need for a change. Working on a temporary or contract basis while you look for permanent employment makes a lot of sense but it also makes you vulnerable and you may take a permanent position that’s not right for you just because it offers financial security.

How to apply while still working

Thankfully you can easily apply for new work through prospective employer’s websites or by visiting recruitment agency sites. Agencies are the best way of finding work while you remain employed as they’ll do the donkey work for you. You’ll need to tell them to be discrete so that they don’t make it obvious that you’re looking for work and you’ll need to be honest with them about where you already work and why you’re looking for new employment.


This is a very tricky situation to navigate as interviews are often carried out during normal working hours. If the prospective employer really likes your CV, they may be persuaded to see you before work or after work. You could also schedule an interview for lunch time, although that could put you under too much pressure (particularly if the interview is running late). Taking time off, calling in sick or lying about a doctor’s appointment are options that you should only take when you really have to. Don’t forget that if your interview goes well, you’ll likely be called back for a second interview days or weeks after the first.

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