How to find animal work experience placements

Animal work experience placements are some of the highly sought after work experience placements you can get. It's therefore important to be fully informed before you apply for work experience with animals. This information should help you secure a placement...

Where to find work experience placements with animals

The best places to find work experience placements with animals is in zoos, farms, vets and animal shelters. You may also be interested in placements in pet grooming salons and boarding kennels.The RSPCA and other animal charities also offer work experience opportunities. If you're interested in working with wildlife you could also look into placements with conservation organisations.

Of these placements, zoo work experience is the most competitive. If this is your first choice, apply for a couple of back up positions as well.

How to find animal work experience placements

Work experience placements are rarely advertised - it's up to the applicant to write to the organisation or company to ask about the possibility of organising a placement.

A good cover letter is therefore a must. You should explain why you want to work with animals, why you would like to work with this organisation in particular and outline any skills or experience that you could offer in return. Also address practical issues like how long you would like the placement to last and if you have any stipulation about working hours.

Remember to attach an up-to-date CV.

What you need for animal work experience placements

As with all work experience placements, employers don't expect any prior experience or qualifications. But you should be enthusiastic and passionate about working with animals.


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