Where to find animal related jobs in Australia

Working with animals can be a very rewarding and interesting occupation.

If you are looking for animal related jobs in Australia, you should try these sites;

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo (australiazoo.com.au) is a great place to start looking for job opportunities.

On their website you can explore the about us page where you can meet the Zoo crew to see who else you may be working with, check out Zoo news for all the latest events and activities on site and find out about employment.

The find out about employment page has all the information you need to know about finding work at the Zoo.

All current jobs will be listed at the top of the page and you can apply directly online, they also keep your application on file for 3 months in case any other relevant positions become available.

On this page you can also read up on their volunteer program, apprenticeships, work experience and internships. All great opportunities to get started in the animal related career field.

For more information you can contact them; Telephone: (07) 5436 2000.


Seek (seek.com.au) is Australia's number one leading job site.

On their main page you can select the appropriate field for animal related jobs and all current and relevant options will be displayed.

You can refine your results by full time, part time, temporary or casual/vacation work.

Choose from a huge range of jobs such as;

  • Shelter Manager
  • Veterinarian
  • Vetinary nurses
  • Dog groomer
  • Animal attendant
  • Volunteer coordinator (RSPCA)


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