Looking for animal charity jobs?

If you love animals then you might be tempted to look into animal charity jobs, where you can earn good money and help animals at the same time. There are many organisations like the RSPB, RSPCA, Battersea Dog and Cat home, WSPA and Dogs Trust that frequently recruit staff - and you could be one of them!

There are a wide variety of jobs that involve helping animals, including trust fundraising jobs, PR jobs, communication jobs, administration jobs, inspector jobs, caring jobs and even CEO jobs.

If you are struggling to find animal charity jobs, there are a few good places to try online.

First is charityjob.co.uk, which has thousands of charity and fundraising jobs available. You can narrow the search to animal related jobs quickly and easily. Typical salaries range from £16,000 to over £60,000.

Another good place to look is animal-job.co.uk. This site has many jobs related to working with animals professionally and there are also lots of work placement opportunities advertised, as well as volunteer jobs and relevant online courses to help bulk up your CV. There are courses in everything from Primate Conservation New World Diplomas to Puppy Training Certificates.

Petsmiles.com is another good place to look for animal charity jobs. They have a wide selection available and also have jobs available in zoos, kennels, admin roles, veterinary jobs and farm jobs.

As you can see, there are lots of places to look for animal charity jobs in the UK. However, do bear in mind that these vacancies are often highly competitive.

Many of the animal charity jobs online are not directly working with animals (they could be in admin or communications roles, for example), but you will be making a huge difference in their lives and you'll have great job satisfaction because of it. Lots of animal charities need your help and you could earn a good living while doing what you love.

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