An overview of ceramic tiling jobs

To find ceramic tiling jobs, you first have to know how to lay tiles. It also helps if you have a good reputation as a specialist in a particular type of tiling. Are you a professional in indoor tiling or roof tiling? This will stand you in good stead when you mention it on your CV.


Do you have a Diploma in construction? Even better. Many employers now require their tilers to be CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cardholders. You may also need to provide your future employer with references who can vouch for you. On top of that, many people looking for tilers expect them to show up with their own tools. So if you are looking for tiling jobs, improve your chances by having your own set.


Most people advertising construction jobs will also be looking for tilers. There are also specialist-tiling companies that are sub-contracted to handle the tiling in a construction site. You could find opportunities in these firms. There is another option: start your own tiling company. However, this requires you to have built a solid reputation in the industry over many years and acquired a broad base of contacts in the process.

Looking Online

There are numerous agencies looking to connect skilful and talented workers with companies and individuals seeking their expertise. One of the websites where you can connect with agencies is fish4.co.uk. Online agents specialising in construction jobs in the UK also exist. Examples are bconstructive.co.uk and constructionjobsnet.co.uk. With these, you have a higher chance of finding ceramic tiling jobs.

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