Register on websites for details of all jobs in Scotland

If you are looking for jobs anywhere in Scotland, it can be very time-consuming to scan all those local websites, and collate the information. By taking the time to register with a few key sites, you can ensure you are kept informed about all jobs in Scotland.

The number one jobs search site in Scotland is s1 jobs (s1jobs.com). Using the advanced search facility on the site, you can focus on specific job types across Scotland, or in certain areas.

Arguably the most efficient way to use the s1 resource is to register with your details and your specific areas of interest, and maybe even upload a CV. Daily emails will keep you posted about the latest vacancies matching your specifications.

Scottish Jobs (scottishjobs.com) has a database of the latest openings across Scotland. Again you can register to receive emails with the relevant vacancies. There is also an iPhone app to send details to your phone. Visit the site to read the blogs and features offering careers advice, interview tips, and the hottest news from the world of employment in Scotland.

The website of the Scotsman newspaper (scotsman.com/jobs/) carries a wide range of job vacancies across Scotland. The print version of the newspaper was the traditional place for public sector jobs to be advertised, and similar jobs feature regularly in their online jobs section. You can register your details at the Scotsman site and receive email updates of vacancies, for all kinds of jobs in Scotland that might interest you.


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