All about vocational school courses


Vocational school courses differ from a broad, liberal arts curriculum. Vocational schools are designed for students to prepare for a specific job or trade and hence are much more specialised than courses in the traditional classroom.

Pros and Cons

The advantage in attending a trade school and taking vocational school courses is that you will be highly prepared for a job in a specific industry. Many people have come out of such schools in the UK to have fulfilling and successful careers. For example, if you specialise in aeroplane mechanics while in trade school, getting a job in this industry should not be to hard after graduation.

The downside in taking vocational school courses and in attending a vocational school is that it does not develop a broad range of skills that is necessary in order to be flexible in a world that is constantly changing. Many scholars believe that a broad, liberal arts education trains students to think and to adapt to changes while a highly specialised degree merely trains students to think within a certain area.

Take from this what you want. Know that going to a vocational school has its advantages and disadvantages and choose accordingly. Do what you think is best for you.

Types of Courses

Some of the specialisations at vocational schools include the following course tracks: agriculture, environment, animal care, art and design, culinary arts, business management, finance, accounting, hairdressing and beauty, heating and air conditioning, car maintenance, carpentry, construction, electrician courses, fashion and textiles, childcare, massage therapy and other therapies, telecommunications, information technology, hospitality, engineering, law, marketing, communications, dentistry, veterinary studies, the performing arts, nursing, healthcare, social care, secretarial studies, travel and tourism studies and teaching courses.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of specialisations to choose from.

UK Vocational Schools

There are many vocational schools in the UK. It is up to you where you want to go to. Search on this website in order to learn more about vocational schools and courses that fit your needs: uk.loadedweb.com. You can specify your search for trade schools according to city or zip code.

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