Earn money as an algebra tutor

If you wish to work as an algebra tutor in the UK you will be expected to have a high level of mathematics. As the majority of algebra tutors are required to teach this subject at a university level, it is therefore expected that you will have completed this level of study yourself, at the very minimum. Therefore in order to teach algebra at a university level in the UK, you will generally be required to have completed an undergraduate degree in mathematics or a similar subject.

As tutoring is an informal position however, there are no strict job requirements. The majority of mathematics and algebra tutors are postgraduate students, academics or secondary school teachers. As the main requirement for a tutor of any kind is a full and comprehensive understanding of the subject, most clients will judge their tutor by the quality of the tutoring itself rather than specific qualifications.

There are two main options available to those seeking to work as algebra tutors. They may register with an agency, which will assign clients to them but also retain a percentage of the fee. Some agencies also offer online tutoring. Companies such as these assign students to tutors for online mentoring, private class sessions and homework assignments.

Alternatively, you may chose to work as an independent algebra tutor. If this is your preferred approach, you should advertise as effectively as possible using the internet, local newspapers and noticeboards. There are a number of websites which specialise in advertisements for tutors, such as TutorNation.com and thetutorpages.com.


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