Aldi Kilkenny: Great jobs in Ireland

Its hard to be in Ireland and out of work these days. Finding employment can be a struggle to say the least, but if you really look there are opportunities there like the upcoming positions offered by Aldi in Kilkenny, jobs in Ireland are a little easier to come by thanks to them.

Aldi are one of Ireland's top employers with stores all over the country they offer entry positions with great training and advancement opportunities right up to top level management careers for the out of work executive.

In Kilkenny Aldi do not have a store yet but according to their website they are actively seeking a property to develop on so I would expect to see one very soon.

Aldi of course is a supermarket chain offering cheaper prices then their competitors in Ireland, these low prices and the looming recession leaving people less well off then they are used to has led Aldi to become one of the fastest growing retail chains in Ireland.

So when the Aldi in Kilkenny opens up you should have your CV and cover letter at the ready. They will be seeking staff for every area of the store from shelf packers to check-out staff, managers and assistant managers. Whatever your background or experience they will have something to suit you.

If you are looking for a more immediate solution to your unemployment however you can always head up the M1 to Dublin where for a small commute you will find plenty of Aldi stores looking for staff at all levels. A quick search on www.monster.ie for "Aldi" will bring up a vast array of opportunities in the surrounding area.

As with other supermarkets the entry pay is pretty much minimum wage but unlike other stores they will actively seek to train and promote you to higher positions. Whatever way you look at it Aldi opening in Kilkenny is great news for the unemployed of that region.

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