Aldi jobs in Manchester

If you're looking to apply for Aldi jobs in Manchester you can apply for positions in one of their following stores across the city: Manchester City Centre, located on Market Street within the Arndale, Ancoats Street on the Urban Exchange, Old Trafford's store on Tennis Street, Higher Lane in Whitefield and Swinton Hall Road's store in Swinton.

Aldi positions in Manchester

There are a number of positions available for Aldi jobs in Manchester. You can apply for one of their graduate schemes, a general store position, office duties or apprenticeships.

Aldi graduate opportunities

If you're looking for Aldi jobs in Manchester and have a degree, you can apply for one of their graduate schemes. Graduate schemes are usually not based in store, depending on the position, and offer a generous salary of up to 40k with other benefits including a company car, discounts and opportunities to grow within the company. Most positions are likely to be office based or marketing based.

Aldi store jobs

If it's a retail Aldi jobs in Manchester you are looking for, you can apply for those, too, usually by asking in store if there are any positions or applying online. Most duties will be retail based, such as serving customers, stock taking, re-stocking shelves or taking on higher positions such as supervisory roles. Experience for these kind of positions depend entirely on the role, with some positions allowing applicants with little to no experience to apply.

Apprenticeships at Aldi

Aldi also offers generous apprenticeship schemes, lasting for 3 years and allowing you to gain experience and a retail qualification at the end of it. In the first year you receive £5 per hour on a fixed 12 month contract with a minimum of 20 hours per week and completion of a Retail Apprenticeship Level 2. In the 2nd and 3rd year you hourly rated is upped to £6.08/£7.15 per hour, with 25 hours minimum per week and an opportunity to develop management skills.

Applying for Aldi jobs

If you want to apply for any Aldi jobs in Manchester, or across the UK, you're more likely to find the positions you require on their website, aldirecruitment.co.uk. However, you can also go instore and ask for any vacant positions, where you can pick up an application form to hand in later.

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