Finding Aldi jobs in Liverpool

Since the economic downturn, the budget supermarkets have found that their share of the food market has increased sharply. This creates a demand for more stores and more staff. Those looking for Aldi jobs in Liverpool and the greater Merseyside area will find that there are regular opportunities in stores.

From shop floor to head office

The first stop in your search for Aldi jobs in Liverpool is to visit their recruitment pages at aldirecruitment.co.uk. This gives you an initial idea of the kinds of opportunities that are on offer at their stores.

Aldi has over 400 stores in the UK and is committed to a policy of expansion. It is always looking for capable and ambitious candidates for managerial positions and for shop floor work

Graduates looking for a structured career in retail management will find that Aldi is searching for potential leaders. With annual salaries at management level beginning around £40,000, Aldi is one of the best employers in the sector.

Store managers and assistant store managers work a 48 hour week with flexibility required in working hours and some weekend work involved.

For store assistant opportunities, you need to fill out an online application, with details of your education and location so Aldi can match you to suitable openings in the Liverpool area. Store assistants have to be flexible about working hours and shift times and pay is around £8-£9 an hour. Aldi don't have specific educational standards for these posts but a friendly manner and competence with numbers are essential.

Liverpool's Aldi choices

For those searching for Aldi jobs, Liverpool is an ideal location, as the company has 20 Aldi stores in the city or on Greater Merseyside, with the likelihood of more opening in the near future. Be prepared to be flexible about which store you work in, as there may be vacancies in an Aldi that is not immediately local.

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