Our guide to securing Aldi jobs in Leicester

Living in Leicester and weighing up a move into the exciting world of retail? In this article, we are going to try and show you how one of the safest bets for your future career prospects would be to check out Aldi jobs in Leicester, as this retail giant continues to aggressively expand into the UK.

Why Aldi?

So, you're wondering where to take your career next, and the job situation in Leicester isn't filling you with confidence... Well, fear not, as we think we may just have the perfect solution for you right here. Low cost supermarket Aldi have expanded into Leicester, and they are offering a huge number of exciting career possibilities for people looking to get a retail career off the ground.

Aldi jobs in Leicester offer a better environment than just about any other type of retail position. The German giant are expanding aggressively into the UK, having opened a multitude of stores in the past few years. Whether you are looking to begin as a store assistant, or you believe you have what it takes to be a Store Manager, then why not point your browser at careers.aldirecruitment.co.uk/store-opportunities/index.asp to check out the current openings in Leicester? Simply select the Leicester store from the drop-down menu.

Salary and benefits are extremely competitive compared to the industry standard, with entry level shop assistants earning a minimum of eight pounds per hour, rising to nine pounds after a probationary period has been completed.

Aldi also offer a brilliant progression career for staff, with many of their current store managers starting out as Shop Assistants.

Your best bet in Leicester

In the current uncertain job climate, it is hard to put a price on a job with a company offering huge growth potential and job security. Aldi are one such company, and if you are living in Leicester, then you would be wise to check out Aldi jobs in Leicester.

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