We take a look at what you can expect form ALDI jobs in Bristol

If you've been searching for a job in retail but haven't been having too much luck, we recommend taking a look at some potential ALDI jobs in Bristol. With five stores located across the area, ALDI represents one of the best opportunities for those who have previous retail experience, as well as some opportunities for those who do not.

By far the most common type of ALDI jobs in Bristol are those that involve customer service. While these positions pay minimum wage, for the most part, of £6.08 per hour, they do offer a number of opportunities for those who would like to make their way up the ladder within ALDI.

Customer service is a great foot in the door for those who lack the necessary experience or qualifications for higher paying jobs, however they're not necessarily well suited to everyone.

For starters, you'll need to be good with people. Having a positive, friendly attitude makes you approachable and good to deal with from the customer's perspective. This is key to being successful in ALDI jobs in Bristol, so even if it's something you have to work on, it'll pay off in the end.

Not all the jobs working for ALDI involve customer service, however. There are plenty of other positions that become available from time to time for people with all kinds of skills and qualifications.

These can range from bakery, logistics, advertising, marketing, management positions, finance, accounting, receptionist, butchery, electricians and countless other positions. ALDI is ultimately just like any other business, in that it needs a wide range of talents to ensure the continued growth and success of the company.

If you're set on searching for ALDI jobs in Bristol, then it'll help to know the locations of the nearest stores. You can find the Bristol based ALDI stores at the following addresses:

  • Greystoke Avenue
  • North Street
  • Brook Way, City Centre
  • Church Road, Redfield
  • Horseshoe Lane, Thornbury

Additionally, you can keep your eye out for vacancies by checking out the official ALDI website, located at aldi.co.uk.

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