Airline and Airport Jobs at Manchester Airport

Over 70 different international airlines operate from Manchester Airport, serving hundreds of destinations worldwide. Many of these airlines employ cabin crew, pilots and additional staff who are based in the Manchester area. If you are interested in airline jobs at Manchester Airport it is advisable to contact particular airlines directly.

Each airline that operates flights from Manchester Airport will require a check-in desk for outgoing passengers. Depending on the number of flights a given airline schedules per day, check-in desks may need to be manned around the clock. Therefore there are many airline jobs at Manchester Airport for check-in desk staff.

Those who are employed at an airline's check-in desk must examine passports and boarding passes carefully. They will also have to accept checked in luggage and ensure that the correct tags and labels are attached to each bag. Check-in desk staff must ensure that all luggage is sent to the correct location in the airport, for loading aboard the correct plane. As most flights allow check-in to begin approximately two hours before the aeroplane is due to depart, it is important that check-in desk staff be punctual and reliable.

Other airline jobs at Manchester Airport include positions for cabin crew. While training is usually provided by the airlines themselves, there are independent training courses available which can be a definite advantage to applicants for these positions. A one-day cabin crew training course is conducted at Manchester Airport, and further details are available at cabincrewcourse.co.uk. Job listings for Manchester Airport can also be found at jobs.manchesterairport.co.uk.

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