Everything you need to know about air conditioning jobs

Although making sure room temperature is comfortable seems like a relatively straight forward job, air conditioning jobs actually require a specialist technique and some training. Whether you're looking to install systems or provide break down support, you'll find that some training will be required if you don't have any already.

Person Requirements

Air conditioning jobs require someone with a certain amount of skill, but also someone who is willing to work unpredictable hours for a breakdown service and someone who is aware of eco-friendly techniques. All air conditioining must now meet requirements to ensure they are environmentally friendly, financially viable and eco-friendly to reduce more damage to our ozone layer.

There are two possible areas you could find air conditioning jobs; working for a firm installing and maintaining systems, or freelance. As a freelancer, you can either work for several firms honing your skills or your own company, but you will have to have extensive experience in your field, a car and various tools beforehand. Some positions working for one firm may offer training or apprenticeships.

Skills and Knowledge

To apply for air conditioing jobs, you will need to possess the following:

  • - good practical hand skills;
  • - the ability to follow technical drawings accurately;
  • - the ability to work carefully, methodically and safely in your environment;
  • - have good written and verbal communication skills, as well as good customer service skills when encountering clients;
  • - the ability to work alone and in teams;
  • - the ability to adapt to change quickly.

For anyone who wants to work at a higher level, the ability to organise teams and oversee operations across the UK is also essential knowledge.

Hours and Work Environment

You can expect to work the average 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, in this kind of job. Some overtime may be available.

As an air conditioing engineer, your work environment will change on a daily basis. On some days you would be working in schools, offices, homes supermarkets or event hospitals. You should expect to do a lot of travelling, both locally and sometimes nationally across the UK.

Salary Information

Air conditioning jobs offer a very good salary depending on your level. If you enter the industry as an apprentice, you could expect to earn up to £10,000 per year after your training. Those who are qualified will receive anything from £20,000 to £27,000 per year, whereas experienced workers can hit the £30,000 mark. Anyone with additional or managerial experience could earn higher than this.

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