How to find work opportunities like air conditioning jobs in Dubai

Whether you are looking for air conditioning jobs in Dubai or cruise ship jobs in the country, it’s important to understand that job hunting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quite different to the process in the UK. You will be competing with the whole world for a job in Dubai. That’s because there is very little entry barriers for foreigners looking for work visa in the country. Here are some expat job hunting tips to keep in mind if you want to stay ahead of the competing pack in UAE.

Expat tips for job hunting in Dubai

If you are looking for air conditioning jobs in Dubai or any other jobs in the UAE, you should know that preference is usually given to people who can speak Arabic and who have at least one year experience working in the Middle East. So, don’t fly into Dubai on a one month tourist visa and expect you are going to get a high paying job in the city. It might happen, but it most probably will not.

If you are going to move to Dubai and work there, make sure you have at least a basic understanding of Arabic to give yourself a head start over other expat competition. Also, register on all major job sites in the UAE prior to arriving in the country to save yourself a week of tedious online registrations upon arrival.

Major UAE job sites to register on

  • Indeed.ae – aggregates a comprehensive list of jobs in Dubai
  • Gulfnews.com – another the leading job site you should register on
  • Careerjet.ae – might have some outdated info, but a good job site nonetheless
  • Laimoon.com – somewhat different job site compared to most, but still good
  • LinkedIn – widely used by professional in the Middle East. Important for making new contacts and expanding your network in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East.

Life in the Middle East

If you have never worked in the Middle East before, do some background reading just to acclimatise with the underlying cultural and social issues of Dubai. “Understanding Arabs” by Margaret K. Nydell and “Don’t they know it’s Friday” by Jeremy Williams are two good books you probably should start with to find important background information on life in the Middle East.

Bottom line

Save enough money to support yourself at least 30 to 60 days in Dubai as you wait for the right job to comeup. Include money for accommodation, food, taxi fares, document attestation and visa renewal. This will protect you from becoming desperate for work while in the city and settling for just any job.

Also, always do a reverse look-up of email addresses, telephone numbers and any other contact details of companies and people you identify offering work opportunities you are interested in like air conditioning jobs in Dubai. Major search engines like Google usually come in handy for this purpose.

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