Air Canada Jobs at Heathrow in the UK

If you are interested in aviation, or if you would like to work in a dynamic and challenging workplace, then you should look into the Air Canada jobs available at Heathrow in the UK. There are a number of possible positions with this airline, which should suit a broad range of candidates.

Air Canada is the ninth largest airline in the world. It is a very well established and prominent company, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in the year 2006. The airline operates from a number of hubs around the world, including Heathrow, and employs a diverse range of people from many disciplines and backgrounds.


Job Categories

The Air Canada jobs at Heathrow in the UK include all facets of the airline's operation. Customer service is a key role, especially as more than 32 million people choose to fly with this airline every year. Air Canada has won multiple awards for the quality of its customer service, both in-flight and on the ground. This company operates to the highest standards and is always looking for qualified and enthusiastic customer sales representatives.

Other Air Canada jobs at Heathrow in the UK include airport and cargo ground services positions. Those who are employed in these jobs spend most of their time outdoors, working with cargo and servicing aircraft. Air Canada operates over 200 aircraft, which must be serviced between stops. Luggage and other cargo must also be loaded and unloaded, requiring the use of specialised freight equipment and other tools. Those who are mechanically minded and who enjoy the outdoors would be well suited to these positions.



While there are a number of Air Canada jobs at Heathrow in the UK, this airline travels to 178 destinations worldwide. Therefore those who are employed by the company may have the option to transfer to other locations on request. As an added bonus, anyone who obtains a position with Air Canada is entitled to reduced rates on travel with the airline, along with exclusive deals on accommodation, car rentals, package holidays and more.

If you are interested in applying for one of the Air Canada jobs at Heathrow in the UK, further information can be found at http://www.aircanada.com.

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