Let us help you find recruitment agency work in Birmingham

As an increasing number of people get fed up with using online job sites in order to find vacancies, it has quickly become apparent that an alternative is needed to help people with their search. Fortunately a ready-made alternative has been around for many years, longer in fact then the online job sites which it is seeking to replace.

Back in the 1980s and early to mid 1990s it was very common for people to find work through recruitment agencies. These companies had often been established in the area for many years, often decades, and had built up some fantastic links with local businesses and industries.

Simply by filling out a straightforward application form, people were able to get their information entered into the company's system which would then allow them to be matched up with vacancies that suited their qualifications and experience. While the method hasn't changed particularly much in the past 15 years, the increasing computer power has meant that the whole process has become an awful lot more streamlined.

Nowadays it is possible to fill out your application form, be entered into the system and have a recruitment agency work in Birmingham job offer within a matter of days. Obviously this is much more desirable than the current method many people use of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end searching through dozens of different job sites.

While there are many excellent recruitment agencies in Birmingham we recommend that you check out the following; Pertemps Recruitment (16 to 18 Temple Street), Blue Arrow (61 New Street) and Extra Personnel ( Cavendish house, 39 to 41 Waterloo Street).


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