Aerospace sector jobs in Midlands expected to rise

Aerospace sector jobs in the Midlands are expected to rise by 8% in 2013, providing more opportunities for recent graduates and engineers. The Midlands makes up just one quarter of the UK's aerospace industry and one percent of the world's aerospace sector - but the new public funding, as well as private investment, will boost the Midland's aerospace sector significantly.

Public Funding and Investment

The MAA (Midlands Aerospace Alliance) is expected to receive some of the £2bn public funding the government is investing in the aerospace industry; it also expects to receive large investment from private companies, such as Rolls Royce, who have placed massive order with Derby-based aerospace companies.

The MAA has also won contracts worth over £115 million with French companies and international organisations, which they hope will further boost their local economy and expect a growth of around 8 - 17% from 2013.

The growth of the international aerospace industry - particularly in Asia and the automation of commercial flights - is just one of the contributors to the growth of aerospace sector jobs in the Midlands sector.

The MAA isn't the only company affected by this big investment. In fact, any company involved in engineering, aerospace or the industry is expected to receive some growth and potentially open more jobs in the Midlands. This is excellent news for the thousands of aerospace engineering graduates who haven't been able to find a good job opening in the UK.

Job openings are expected to range from graduate positions to senior management roles, supervisor roles, engineering roles, creative roles and project manager positions. You'll need to check out the individual job openings for each company to find the perfect job title for you.

Where I can I find jobs?

Your can find aerospace sector jobs in the Midlands either by using the usual job search sites, or Directgov.org.uk. But if you want to widen your search and include all possible aerospace positions, visit the MAA website at midlandsaerospace.org.uk for the latest job postings across the Midlands.

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