Ae you a student looking for finance internships for summer?

As a business student you'll no doubt be aware of just how important it can be to find yourself an excellent internship during your time off from your studies every summer. This full immersion within the financial industry can teach you more in a few weeks than you could ever hope to pick up in a couple of months worth of full time study. While you won't be picking up too much in terms of theory, you'll learn some of the most important tips and tricks about the practical side of your career before you even graduate, giving you a real head start on your fellow students.

There are a number of different avenues open to you, depending on which line of financial work you want to go down. You can choose from finance internships for summer within banks, credit rating agencies, investment companies, life insurers, public accounting firms or securities firms among countless others.

There are a number of companies in each of these fields who offer students the chance to take part in internships. If you're interested in banking Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase all offer great internships to students, for example.

On the credit rating side of things Fitch, Moody's, Standard & Poor and A.M. Best have active internship schemes that you could look into, and when it comes to life insurers you can choose from Marsh and McLennan, John Hancock, AIG, Prudential and many more.

The one thing to remember when looking for finance internships for summer 2011 is that you should be searching for placement within a field that you have a genuine interest in. You'll be able to learn a huge amount from your time, but only if the interest is there to begin with!


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