Where to find the best financial advisor jobs

Have you always had a head for numbers? If money is your strong point, and you feel like you have the chops to advise others in how they should be investing it, then perhaps a career in financial advice is for you. There are a huge number of openings for these jobs in the UK as people struggle to get their money into more safe investments, so in this blog we are going to check out financial advisor jobs and where you can get them.

Not just anyone can become a financial advisor though, it takes a huge amount of university learning before you will be comfortable enough with the financial world to do the job well, but if you are properly qualified, then we suggest going straight to the industry website at financialadvisercareers.com.

This site generally hosts all of the available financial advisor positions in the UK before they go up on any other site, so it is a fantastic starting point. The site breaks down all the different aspects of financial advisement into easy to peruse categories, so you can browse the niche you wish to get into with ease.

One of the big national job sites that has a tremendous reputation when it comes to financial jobs is Reed, and you can check out their full range of Financial Advisor jobs on their site at reed.co.uk/financialservices. Reed offer all the perks you would expect to see in one of the big national job sites including the ability to upload your CV, and also to sign up for email job alerts so you are always kept abreast of the latest job openings.

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