Finding the best Advance Security employment opportunity

If you are looking to work in the field of security, one of the best places to look is at an Advance Security employment opportunity. Advance Security Ltd. Is a leading provider of commercial and domestic security providers in the UK. They have more than 50 years in the security business and offer a wide range of services to clients of all types.

Qualifications for a Security Guard

Some of the first qualifications for security jobs are that you have a neat, well-groomed appearance and that you be reasonably physically fit. Other qualities include good customer service skills, and good communication skills. You will most likely need to have an SIA card and a driving licence. Having computer skills such as Microsoft Office can also be a plus. Skills for security jobs can include knowledge of computer security systems.

How to Locate Openings

The easiest way to locate job openings at Advance Security Ltd. is over the internet. Job search websites, such as reed.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk, often have listings available. Filing your CV with a job site can speed your search as they often have access to more listings on a daily basis. Going directly to the Advance Security Ltd. and clicking on the ‘Careers’ button will also provide a list of current vacancies. Advance Security has locations and openings all throughout the UK.

Where You Will Work

The location of your job and the duties you will perform will vary depending on the industry you are assigned to work in. If you work in retail, you may patrol stores and simply provide a deterring presence to shoplifters by walking the store and being noticeable. You might be required to monitor activities in a store, hotel or business through closed circuit TV. Patrolling the grounds of office or warehouse facilities might also be required, as well as working a guard post and checking IDs of visitors could also be included. If you are a computer professional, then installation of computer systems would be your responsibility.

Salary Expectations

As with any job, salary will depend on your experience and the duties you perform. Beginning salaries are good and an officer working retail can start at £6.50 to as much as £9.00 an hour and go up from there. If you enjoy working with people and like being helpful, then an Advance Security employment opportunity could be your cup of tea.


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