Adult training jobs in the adult learning service

The main area of employment within adult training jobs is that of a tutor or teacher. Adult education services provide a plethora of courses from improving existing maths and English skills to learning new ones such as pottery or painting. All of these courses will require teachers to lead and provide guidance to a group of students.

In addition to the adult education service, there is also a requirement at local colleges for tutors to teach evening classes such as NVQs and vocational qualifications to adults who work during the day.

The primary role of the teacher or tutor is to provide comprehensive teaching to students teaching them a skill and helping them progress through the course. If you would like to work in adult education you will need to complete a qualification known as preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector. This qualification will certify that you have the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to offer tuition to a variety of people.

If you are looking for jobs in adult education, the first place you could begin your search is local colleges to ascertain whether there are any vacancies. The local media, the job centre and the internet are also valuable resources when undertaking a job search. Recruitment agencies may also be able to help you find work, particularly if you apply to those which specialise in education such as Hays or Select Education. Temporary vacancies may arise to cover periods of absence which are valuable opportunities to gain experience.

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